MoonLight Snow Rabbits

Dagens låt alltså. En av mina favorit sånger från Vistlip. :3 Hör nu på den, den ger en såndär kall mysig vinter kväll filis när man ser snöklädda skogar i vinternatten plus ett par vinter harar som skuttar i snön. Naw. <3 totally love.

för er som är nyfikna på texten:

It hurts…it hurts right HERE.  It twinges like being pricked,
You know, I loved you more than “I love you” bridal moon light
Two rabbits side by side, a smile indistinguishable from the white view

A butterfly in shadow, the dark clouds that steered clear of spring
coldly let fall tears that won’t dry up,
A silent night when the road home was different from usual,
a dramatically adorned snow-covered path

Passing the ticket gate, saying Bye-bye to no one,
‘Cause the figure I wished for wasn’t there,
I make excuses by saying I just don’t want any regrets,
How about you keep me waiting just a little longer in this city?

At that time, at that station I was a red eyed rabbit
hoping you’d hold my freezing heart in your arms,
On that shiny-turned-drab early evening
though I wanted to see you I wasn’t able to,
My one and only snow rabbit melts away

Letting the worn off feelings flow,
by spring they’ll probably have melted away into nothing,
“I’ll become a person who can make someone happy…”

“We always forget such important things,
just making noise without seeing what’s close to us”

In the station at daybreak I drink up my coffee,
a 5:02a.m. departure with a love that ended at my back

From here on out I’ll be on my own, so instead of a GOODBYE
I’ll leave behind an “I’m sorry”

Postat av: Anonym

lotto spelarN^ XD

2010-11-04 @ 21:54:38

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